About Us


Eminent Defence Academy Pokhara is a renowned institution dedicated to providing comprehensive physical and educational training to individuals aspiring to join the ranks of Nepal’s various defence and security forces. Located in Pokhara, Nepal, the academy offers specialized classes tailored to the requirements of Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force (APF), and the National Investigation Department (NID).

Eminent, one of the Best institute for Nepali Security Forces in Pokhara, brings you the best insights for career in defence. We train you for high profiled career in defence, in the most efficent way in Pokhara. Eminent provides you that strategy, which enhances you sharply in all possible ways, all over Pokhara as well as Nepal. Eminent, the Best Defence institute in Pokhara moulds you in a top notch way. The possibility of your success here increases in the finest platform all over Pokhara, the best all over Gandaki Province and Nepal.

Brief About Us
In the heartland of Nepal, where tradition and modernity intertwine, lies the historic city of Pokhara. Amidst its bustling streets and rich cultural heritage, there exists a beacon of opportunity for those aspiring to serve their nation with valor and dedication – Eminent Defence Academy. Established with a vision to sculpt the defenders of tomorrow, this institution stands as a bastion of excellence in the realm of defense education. Let us embark on a journey to uncover the essence of Eminent Defence Academy and its profound impact on shaping the futures of countless individuals.

While specific course offerings may vary over time, here’s a list of potential courses that Eminent Defence Academy Pokhara might offer:
Nepal Army Preparation Course: A comprehensive program designed to prepare individuals for the selection process of the Nepal Army, including physical fitness training, written exam preparation, psychological assessments and interview coaching.
Nepal Police Preparation Course: Tailored training to help aspiring candidates succeed in the rigorous selection process of the Nepal Police, covering physical agility tests, written exams, Group discussions, interviews.
Armed Police Force (APF) Preparation Course: Specialized coaching aimed at assisting candidates in meeting the requirements for joining the Armed Police Force of Nepal, encompassing physical endurance training, academic preparation, and interview skills.
National Investigation Department (NID) Preparation Course: Targeted training to prepare individuals for positions within the National Investigation Department, including instruction on investigative techniques, forensic procedures, and legal knowledge.
Physical Fitness Training: Standalone programs focusing on improving physical fitness levels, including strength, endurance, agility, and overall conditioning, suitable for candidates preparing for any branch of the military or law enforcement.
Leadership Development Course: Workshops and seminars aimed at cultivating leadership qualities and skills necessary for success in military and law enforcement careers, covering topics such as decision-making, communication, and team management.
Specialized Skill Enhancement: Additional training modules focused on specific skills relevant to defense and security forces, such as marksmanship, close-quarters combat, tactical driving, and first aid.
Academic Preparation Classes: Courses designed to enhance candidates’ academic knowledge and skills, covering subjects such as mathematics, science, English language proficiency, and general knowledge required for entrance exams.
Personality Development Workshops: Programs aimed at improving candidates’ overall personality traits, including confidence-building exercises, public speaking practice, and interpersonal skills development.
Mock Tests and Practice Sessions: Simulated exams and practice sessions designed to familiarize candidates with the format and content of actual selection tests, helping to reduce anxiety and improve performance on test day.